First Restaurant Corazon in western hemisphere, Trujillo, Perú
August, 2001



































Restaurant Corazon began in France in the mid 80´s"Restaurante de Couer". The original idea was that everyone would be welcome and those who were able to pay would do so, those who could not (home less people)
would be served equally well but leave without paying. Restaurant de Couer went bankrupt in its first year. That was when our founder first became involved, helping in the resurection of 1986. Since then Restauraunt de Coeur has gone from strength to strength; now numbers in the hundreds offering good meals to the poor in several European countries. Restaurant Corazon in the the center of Trujillo is the first in Peru. We have altered the original design somewhat. We offer breakefast for 15 cents, lunch and dinner for 45 cents each menue. And to poor children we charge nothing at all. We opened in August 2001 and already we are serving 200 adults and over 1.300 Street Children. In early 2002 we opened Restauraunt Corazons in two of the poorest barrios of this city - by March we were up to 14 Restuarants Corazon, and we have been invited to open in other cities.



























Our Principal Restaurant Corazon (Pictured on this page) is again serving meals to poor people for $.45 and a new Restaurant Corazon to serve free meals to poor children has opened some blocks away, - as from July 2004.
Come visit some of the mothers and children of our Restaurants Corazon CLICK